UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)
  • UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)

UVC G4 PRO ( Unifi Protect)


4K Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera with Infrared and Optical Zoom

Ideal for scalable day and night surveillance, the G4 Pro Camera features advanced hardware and optics for 4K Ultra HD video and analytic capabilities.



Meet the 4K UniFi Protect G4 Pro Camera

Capture every detail with the 4K resolution G4-PRO camera. The G4-PRO is our most powerful camera yet.



Crisp 4K Ultra HD Resolution

UniFi Protect G4 Pro Camera offers 4K Ultra HD resolution for day or night use.


3X Optical Zoom

The camera offers a wide-angle, powered optical zoom lens.

Attention LED Ring

Get people’s attention to capture face details.


The rotating blue LED indicates that motion has been detected and grabs people’s attention so they look at the camera.


See in Any Weather Conditions, Day or Night

UniFi Protect G4 Pro camera excels in challenging low-light environments.

Night Vision Surveillance
Infrared LEDs with an automatic IR cut filter provide nighttime viewing.

Enhanced Low-Light Performance
See details when the sun sets or the camera is mounted indoors.

Indoor / Outdoor Installation
The camera features IP67-rated weather resistance for outdoor deployment


Versatile 3-Axis Mounting Options

The UniFi Video Camera offers aiming flexibility and can be mounted quickly on a wall, ceiling, or pole.






Full Surveillance Management and Scalability

Keep an eye on your property from any camera from anywhere.

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