Weatherproof POE switch enclosure
  • Weatherproof POE switch enclosure
  • Weatherproof POE switch enclosure

Weatherproof POE switch enclosure


· Ideal for the WS-6-MINI

· Cable entries for up to 12 CAT5/6/Power cables

· Weatherproof / UV Resistant

· Mounts to wall or pole


Weatherproof POE switch enclosure


The ENC-SW-8x5 outdoor weatherproof POE switch enclosure is designed especially for the POE switches. They provide an inexpensive and convenient way to locate the POE switch on a tower or antenna mast close to the equipment that uses it.

There are 6 cable feed through which can accommodate up to 12 CAT5 or CAT6 or power cables. The enclosure is made from UV and impact resistant plastic for long life and worry free operation. The enclosure can be pole or wall mounted.




Purchase an 8/32 Tap, the correct drill bit for the Tap and 1.5" 8/32 screws, zinc plated or stainless steel.
Next Make up a template to match the switch mounting holes and drilled the holes through the back plastic wall of box.
Next "gently" tap the holes to 8/32 thread making sure not to strip the holes. (It's plastic be slow and careful)
Next screw the switch to the inside of the box.


You can put a dab of silicon in the box screw holes to make it seal against water but i never did and none of mine leaked.


If you strip the hole in the box you can use a NUT but that is sloppy, JUST DO NOT STRIP THE HOLE when tapping and do not over tighten the screws holding the switch in then you can easily change the switch out if needed.

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