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Sector Kit 2/5 GHz 3 Pack


Reduce unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, top and bottom outside the desired beam from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on signals only from the desired coverage area.


The kit will not increase the gain of the antenna, however it will lower the noise floor providing a much cleaner signal allowing for higher sustainable air rates. Protects the Rocket and it's jumpers from the elements by completely encasing it within an aluminum box.
Improves the gain loss on the outter edges from -6 dB to -3 dB which is more industry standard. These kits are 5th generation made from marine grade aluminum and have been refined based on customer feed back and extensive testing.

Fits the following Ubiquiti antennas:

  • AMS 2G16-120 (2 GHz 120 degree 15 dB)
  • AMS 5G19-120 (5 GHz 120 degree 19 dB)

Fits the following radios:

  • Ubiquiti Rocket M2 / M5
  • Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium M2 / M5
  • Ubiquiti Rocket AC Lite
  • Ubiquiti Rocket AC airPRISM

Notice: Radio/Antenna are NOT included.